Peter Remembers: Good Times

Anthony was a great kid. We had a lot of fun skateboarding, climbing trees, camping, and doing other fun things together. We used to sit in his basement and play video games together. We would sit out in his yard and build little cities in the dirt with our little army men and Hotwheels. We made one so big it took up at least a fourth of his back yard.

We tried to make a tree house two or three summers ago but we only got the floor built in then it kinda ended up being a ground house because we couldn't figure out how to get the walls into the tree. So we built a couch and a table and sat on the ground and listened to music and ate snacks and drank soda. We sat there and told jokes and spray painted stuff.

I remember how we would try to get enough money to buy a bag of candy and some soda. We really had some good times together. He made me laugh and have fun with some of the weirdest things.

No matter what, he always had a way to make things fun, and the funny thing is that it worked.