Emily Remembers: He Slept in the Tub!

From Emily S., 10/5/2005

I remember on the Science Fair Trip to Ames, when we were told that he would be sharing a room with Mr. Brasser and Ryan, with only two beds.

Since guys these days aren't very mature, Anthony and Ryan didn't want to share a bed. So Anthony slept in the tub. He did this for two nights. It was so funny when he told us that he was going to, but we didn't think that he was serious. In the morning when we got on the bus, they told us that he really had slept in the tub, and we laughed until we got there.

During the breaks in the Science Fair, he and Ryan went to the very top of the stands, and shot spitballs at all of the other people. Sammi, Faith, and I didn't want to get in trouble by going up there, so we didn't. I regret not doing things like that now. I will remember every minute I spent with him, and cherish it for the rest of my life. It was better to know him for a little while, than to not have known him at all.