Classmates Remember: You HAD to Laugh!

From Allison S, 9/30/2005

Whenever you were around Anthony, u always HAD to laugh! He was hilarious! Last year in Mrs. Ruever's class

I sat by Anthony the last quarter of the year and he would always tell me all these funny stories, like when he went over to ryan's house and they gelled his cat, and then he would always bring these skater magazines and tell me what he was gonna get, and what he said posers supposively wear.

And in Mrs. Geerdes' class when he dressed up as a girl for a book report! In Mrs. Wallin's class he had kirstin writing blah blah blah over a whole bunch of pages so he could use it for wall paper or put it on his walls, but Mrs. Wallin took it away. He would always draw skateboards on his papers. I remember at Miranda's party they all brought their skateboards and just skated the whole time.

And all of his shirts he wore were really funny. He wore the same ones a lot so one day he said he was going to prove to me that he had more shirts then the ones he wore most of the time. I really miss him...